Divine Power – An Infinite Possibility Within Humanity

This letter discusses the wonderful journey that acquaints us with the divine power hidden within us. It is a journey that takes us deep into the ocean of self-exploration, where we experience the infinite possibility residing within.There exists a notion that one cannot bestow upon oneself the title of God. Those who claim to be God are either lying or deceiving. However, there’s a profound truth that divine power exists in all of us – in you, in me, in every living being, in trees and plants, and even in inanimate objects.Feeling this power is possible, but it requires our consciousness to be awakened. It’s a state that we must make ourselves worthy of achieving.I wish to share with you the thought that experiencing divine power is not merely a religious or spiritual act but a comprehensive journey that connects us with ourselves, our existence, and the world around us.Throughout this journey, we learn how every individual, every creature, is deeply connected to the universe. It becomes clear that divine power lies within us, and we all can see and feel this power within and around us, provided we are truly prepared and make ourselves ready to reach that state.Through this letter, I aim to inspire you to embark on this special journey, so you too can feel the divine power within you and around you.

May your journey be blessed,

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